• Marketing Plan ComponentsAdvanced Marketing Assignments 

    Week 1:Addressing Elements of Student Life 
    August 31-September 4
    • Sept.1-      Review class policies, syllabi, grading policies, co-op requirements, and overview of marketing education program; Assign school store activity.  Students work with partner to create brief PPT presentation to present the top five new products in the school store. #43- Report information/data in an oral presentation accompanied by visual presentation software/printed aides.   Top Five Products Assignment- 35 points    Presentation Rubric
    • Sept. 4th:   Complete and present Top Five Products.   Review student organization, leadership opportunities, benefits of members. hip, and networking opportunities. (Competencies #30, 31, and 32.     Review Internet Acceptable Use Policy information (competency #33) and assign small group project- Create an AUP for the marketing classroom that encompasses the five components discussed in class.  Share out key ideas to the class and collaborate as a class to merge ideas for ONE document to be used in the marketing classes and published on the teacher website for parents and students to view. -  50 Points PPT Lesson for Week 1(includes Grading Policies, Classroom Policies, Overview of DECA, and Acceptable Use Policy.
    •  Sample Workplace Policy        LCPS Technology AUP    Internet AUP PPT Lesson
    Week 2:  Addressing Student Life
    Sept. 7-11
    • Sept 7- HOLIDAY
    • Sept. 8th:   - Students deliver Top 5 New Products in School Store- non-graded activity
    • Sept. 10th-  Students review AUP PPT and work in small groups to create presentation that discusses a case study of AUP violation in the workplace
    • Sept. 14th- Deliver PPT presentations  50 Points.  Begin discussion on Examining Marketing and Business.  Review key marketing terms.
    October-  Marketing Plan Components  PPT Lesson
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