• Adv. Marketing
    Power Point Slides, Projects, and Class Assignments

    Mrs. Belote
     Quarter 3: 
    Block 1 and Block 7: 
    Jan. 22 (A Day) and Jan 23 (B Day)      Power Point Lecture:        Economics- Review of Concepts
    Homework Assignment:     Select a room in your home.  Identify the country of origin of 10 products.  List the products and the country in which they were produced.  Bring back to class to use in class assignment.
    Jan. 25:                     Quiz- Economics basics (50 Points)
    Jan. 25:                     Class Assignment-  Use the attached CHART to summarize your homework findings.(50 Points)
    Jan. 25:                Group Project assigned; groups formed                       Economics and Impact of Global Trade
    Jan. 30-Feb 4:      Group Research and Develop PPT
    Feb. 5-6:                     Group Presentations in Class (100 Points)
    Feb 10-19(A Day) and Jan 8 (B Day)          Power Point Lecture:         GDP and Business Cycle/ Productivity
    Feb 20-21                    Econ Review Sheet  (Block 7 Test- Feb. 26; Block 1 Test- Feb. 27)             
    March 11-12            Promotion PPT
    Class Assignment - 50 Points:  Students work individually or with a partner to research one example of consumer promotions.(coupons, premiums, deals, incentives, product samples, sponsorship, promotional tie-in, placement, loyalty marketing program, or point of purchase display)  Students will present a PPT presentation that 1) Identifies and defines the consumer promotion 2) Provides examples of how this promotion has benefited other businesses 3) Apply this promotion to The Falcons' Nest 4) Explain the rationale for recommending that this form for The Falcons' Nest and explain how it will increase sales   
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