• Marketing I Power Point Slides,
     Projects, and Class Assignments
    Mrs. Belote
     Quarter 3:
    Block 5
    Date:  Jan 23, 2013        Power Point Lecture:      Promotion and the Promotional Mix
    Project Assigned:                  Promotion and the Super Bowl (long term project through Feb.7
    Class Assignment:                Apply the promotional mix to an existing product or service for the company you have chosen to research.  Due  end of class.  50 Points
    Date:  Jan 30, 2013         Power Point Lecture:        Advertising (just through print ad info)
    Class Assignment:               Prepare a print ad that encompasses the elements of the marketing mix AND all elements of a print ad. 
     Due the end of class.         50   Points
    Date:  Feb 1, 2013              Power Point Lecture:       Public Relations/ Publicity/Press Releases
    Class Assignment:            Prepare a press release for the company that you have researched for thie Promotion and Super Bowl project.  Due end of class. 50 Points
    Date:  Feb 20:                      Power Point Lecture:  (refer to Advertising PPT above- covered from Broadcast Media through Technological Tools
    Class Assignment:            With a partner, complete the Media Comparison Chart by identifying the advantages and disadantages of various advertising media.
                                                  Turn in at end of class for 50 points.
                                                   Media Comparison Chart 
    Date:  March 4:                  Brief Lecture on Product Planning, Product Line, Product Width, and Product Depth:
    Class Assignment:          Product Planning:  Students work with a partner to complete the following activity:  Identify THREE product lines within the Falcons' Nest;  Within each line identify the width and the depth of that line.  Turn in at end of class for 50 points.
    Date:  March 11                  Power Point Lecture:  Product Planning
    Class Assignment :           Product Mix Strategies:  Students work individually or with a partner to apply the  four product mix strategies disucssed in the PPT to a
                                                  product from the Falcons' Nest.
                                                 Turn in at the end of class for 50 points.
    Date:  March 19                  Power Point Lecture:  Product Life Cycle
    Class Assignment:            Product Life Cycle:  Students work individually or with a partner to apply the concept of the product life cycle to a product from
                                                  the Falcons' Nest.  Turn in at the end of class for 50 points.
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