• Art I - Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Designing, Sculpting


    Art Supplies: Required/Suggested 2020-2021


    Art I Course Outline

    Working with the Elements of Art and Principles of Design throughout assignments students will become familiar with the terminology used to describe and disucss future artworks. The following is a general outline of our year.
    Getting to Know You 
    Elements of Art / Principles of Design 
    Contour, Continuous Contour, Directional Line, Expressive Line, Blind Contour
    Contour Line Drawing Round Robin
    Understanding Positive and Negative Space
    Perspective and Space
    Techniques in Watercolor
    All About Color Theory
    Transcend - Abstract Watercolor
    Careers in Art
    Proportions: Face and Figure 
    Expressive Portrait Painting
    Techniques in Oil Pastel
    Realism with Oil Pastels

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