Welcome To Sixth Grade Band!
     Please take time to look at the 6th Grade Band Calendar located here:  6th Grade Band Calendar 2021-2022 SY 
    There are many new and exciting things happening this year and one of them is Band! Here are a few things you will need to know in order to help you have a successful year.
     Please make sure your name is on the instrument case and in your Book
    - 6th Grade Band Students will need an instrument and Book to participate in class.
    - The book we use is Standards of Excellence Book 1. It's red and can be purchased at any of the local music stores.
    Image result for standards of excellence book 1
    - In addition to Tradition of Excellence, percussionists need to purchase Alfred's Percussion Book 1. It's blue and can also be purchased at any of the local music stores.
    Alfred's Drum Method, Book 1 
     - Always have a pencil! Keep a few in your Instrument case
    - Practice Makes Progress.  There is no way to improve at anything without doing it often!  Be sure to practice regularly and update your practice calendar :-)
    - Remember to only bring your instruments on the days you have band and be sure to take them home so you can practice! :)