• Small Group Counseling
    As part of the guidance program at Cedar Lane Elementary we will be offering small groups for students.  These groups are offered with the hope that students can get together to share concerns or issues they may have in common with each other. Groups will be held throughout the school year. Please note that these groups are not therapeutic; instead, they are educational in design, and formatted to provide an opportunity for your child to reinforce skills that will support and enhance their academic and social development. 
    This year, participants for small groups will be selected primarily through teacher referrals.  Teachers will refer students for groups who need extra practice on developing academic and social skills here at school.  Once a student has been recommended for a small group, parental permission will be required for them to participate.  As a parent, if you feel your child would benefit from a particular small group and there was not a teacher referral, please call and speak with your child’s school counselor.
    We offer a variety of small group formats dealing with issues that regularly occur in a school setting.  Small groups typically run from four to six weeks and cover topics ranging from friendship skills, stress reduction, anger management, and more.  Additional topics will be developed if a particular need becomes evident.  Our goal is to be open and flexible to the needs of our student population.

    When a student has been referred for a particular group, a permission slip will be sent home for the parents to sign and return.  Information about the group (times, dates) will be sent home as well.  No child will be allowed to participate in a small group without the permission of the parents.


     Parents, your referral is encouraged for your child to participate in our Changing Families group. This group will cover topics including separation, divorce, remarriage, and blended families. Changing Families will be developed on an as needed basis.
    Please feel free to contact the school counselor for your student’s grade level with any questions or just to chat about the small groups offered at Cedar Lane Elementary.  We look forward to hearing from you.
    Mrs. Croft and Mrs. Ray 

Last Modified on August 18, 2016