• Bullying Prevention


    Loudoun County Public Schools implements a county-wide bullying prevention program to teach students how to identify bullying behavior and appropriate ways to handle bullying.  

    Every LCPS student is taught how to respond to bullying behavior using a three step program called Stop, Walk, Talk. This program works to empower students by teaching them problem solving skills, positive behaviors and bully prevention techniques that are manageable and sustainable.  Students will focus on identifying problem behaviors and strategies to deal with them as well as whom to go to in the school if a problem occurs. School counselors incorporate bullying awareness activities into classroom counseling lessons and activities throughout the school year. 


    1. STOP- Students are taught that if they experience or observe bullying behavior, they should tell the person to "stop."
    2. WALK- Sometimes, even when students tell others to "stop," the problem behavior continues.  When this happens, students are to taught to "walk" away from the problem behavior. Walking away removes the reinforcement for the problem behavior.
    3. TALK- Even when students say "stop" and they "walk" away from the problem, sometimes the problem behavior still continues.  When that happens, students are taught to "talk" to a trusted adult about what is happening.

    Every LCPS student in grades K-5 will be taught:

    1.  The definition of bullying: 

     ♦Bullying is behavior that is repeated, intentional and has an in-balance of power.

     ♦Bullying is an act of aggression in the following forms: physical, verbal, emotional, or cyber.

     ♦Bullying is NOT ordinary teasing, horseplay, argument, a peer conflict or a mean act. 

    2.  How to respond to bullying behavior by using STOP-WALK-TALK.

    3.  How to respond if someone tells them to "stop."

    4.  How to be an upstander.

     Implementing this program county-wide ensures that the protocol for reporting bullying is clear for students, parents and staff.  It also promotes a school climate characterized by acceptance, positive interest, respect and involvement with adults. 


    *PARENTS: If you feel your child is dealing with bullying behaviors, please call Mountain View at 540.751.2550 and ask to speak to an administrator. 


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