• Welcome To the Clinic

    The clinic hours are 7:35AM - 3:00PM. Please feel free to visit between these hours. 
    Contact the School Health Specialist: Vanessa Phillips
      • Prescription and over-the-counter medications will be dispensed by the Nurse, Mrs. Vanessa Phillips : LCPS Authorization for Medication Parent Information
      • All medication must be brought to the clinic by a parent, where a, permission to give medication form, will be signed by the parent. If the permission form is not signed, medication can not be administered at school.  Please DO NOT send any medication, (cough drops, inhalers, etc.) to school with your child!
      • If your child needs a prescription medication at school, an Authorization for Medication Form must be filled out by the prescribing doctor. If you need one of these forms for a trip to the doctor, call  571-434-4560 and one will be sent home with your child.  All prescription medication, including Tylenol, needs to be accompanied by the above form.  If your doctor would like, they can fax the completed form to 703-444-7598.
        If your student comes home in new clothes, please wash these clothes and return them to the clinic ASAP.  If I have provided your child with new underwear or socks, it is theirs to keep. Underwear and socks are not recycled, so don't bother to return these items.
      • It is very important that I be able to  reach you when your child is sick!  If you have changed jobs, or have a new home or cell phone number, please call the school 571-434-4560 and update this information.  When your child is sick, they need you, please help me to locate you quickly when an emergency arises.
      As we begin a new school year, here are a few things to remember:
      -   Dress your children in clothes that are appropriate for the weather.  Tank tops and spaghetti straps are great for the summer heat, but not correct clothes for school. 
      -   It can sometimes be chilly in your child's classroom, so please dress them comfortably and ready for success.
        Sneakers = Safety! .  Sneakers allow your child to run, jump, and play safely during their time at school.  If they are worried about keeping their flip flops on their feet, they can't fully enjoy their PE or recess time.