• Co-Op Guidelines and Information
    The Marketing COOP class is a two-credit elective course.  Students enrolled in this class are responsible for the academic- or classroom- instruction, as well as additional responsibilities regarding their Co-op placement. 
    Eligibility for the Co-op program requires the student to be employed, part-time, in a marketing related business.  In addition, students are required to maintain proper documentation on a continuous basis.  This becomes part of the student's quarterly grade.  Students must pass the Co-Op portion of the class in order to pass the class.  Co-op grades are 50% of the total marketing class grade.  The classroom/academic grade constitutes the remaining 50% of the class grade.  Students must pass BOTH components of the class in order to receive a passing grade for the course.
    The following contacts/agreements must be completed and signed by the student, parent, teacher, employer, and school principal.  This is a required document.  The Training Agreement, Training Plan, and Performance Evaluation is kept on file by the Marketing teacher.  The Wage and Hour Calendar (with attached pay check stubs), the Cumulative Wage and Hour Report, and any other documents requested by the marketing -teacher (such as a Co-Op journal) are maintained in a student folder.  The student is required to update the reports on a regular basis. 
    Training Agreement - The Training Agreement is a contract between the marketing student, the parent or legal guardian, the marketing teacher-coordinator, the employer, and the principal of the school.  All four parties must sign this agreement  This agreement spells out the responsibilities of all parties to ensure a successful cooperative learning experience.  Students must have the training agreement signed by themselves, their parent, and their employer, and then return this form  to the marketing teacher no later than September 16, 2015.
    Below are the required forms that all Co-Op students must complete.  Some of the below documents requiring on-going record keeping.
     Click on the blue hyperlink to view and print the blank form when needed. 
    Training Plan 22015-2016 The Training Plan is a document that lists the duties, responsibilities, and competencies that a student acquires through his/her on-the-job training.  The Employer, Student, Parent, and Marketing Teacher-Coordinator must all sign this document to indicate their understanding of the student's job tasks.  Students must have the training plan signed by themselves, their parent, and their employer, and then return this form to the marketing teacher no later than September 15, 2014.
    Performance Evaluation-  The Performance Evaluation is a formal evaluation performed by the marketing teacher-coordinator once each grading period with the training sponsor (the student’s manager).  The performance evaluation becomes part of the CO-OP grade for the quarter and averaged into the overall class grade.
    Cumulative Wage and Hour Report-  The Wage and Hour Report is a monthly report that is prepared by the student.  Students are expected to maintain this log of work hours and gross pay.  Students should retain their pay check stubs and attach to this report and should update this report every two weeks.



Last Modified on August 15, 2016