•         United States History to 1865

          The focus of the Social Science curriculum in Grade 6 is the history of the United States from the early 1500s to the Reconstruction period.  As geography, culture, and economics are all factors which influence history, these aspects of social sciences will be studied in this history course.  Students will be encouraged to develop critical thinking skills as the study cause-effect relationships, and will examine political, economic, and cultural factors which may have shaped the behavior of important figures and everyday Americans.
              First Quarter 
    • Geography Skills and American History (1500-1865)
    • Early Native American Cultures in North America 
      Second Quarter 
    • Exploration, America, West Africa
    • Colonial America: Trade and Slavery
      Third Quarter
    • War for Independence: Figures, Events, Issues
    • The US Constitution
      Fourth Quarter 
    • US Expansion
    • Reform and Abolition
    • Civil War: Figures, Events, Issues