• email E-mail Guidelines

    Loudoun County Public Schools has provided instructional staff members with a professional e-mail address to support their responsibilities as employees with LCPS. The following guidelines are provided to assist staff and community members to utilize e-mail effectively in an educational setting.

    E-mail is to be used for:

    • Clarification of assignments
    • Due date questions
    • Field trip questions
    • Request for a phone call
    • Thank you notes
    • Any information about class assignments

    E-mail is not to be used for:
    • Discussions
    • Discipline issues
    • Confidential Student information (conferences should be used to discuss private issues)
    • And nothing of a time-sensitive nature (example: John/Jane needs to ride the bus home today)


    Please allow school personnel one business day (24 hours) to respond to your phone calls or e-mails.