• Welcome to AP Spanish!  As you already know students, the entire course is posted on our Google Classroom page, which you have already enrolled in.  Please go there to find links to documents, agendas, and to complete assignments.
    Start familiarizing yourself with the thisislanguage.com site, as we are going to be using it quite frequently!  You can find authentic audio / video comprehension, as well as some review grammar topics to practice.
    Parents- if you would like to know how to use Google Classroom to see what your AP Spanish student is doing, please email me and I will be happy to explain it to you; your student can provide you with an access code once they are a member of the Classroom, or I can manually invite you if they forget to share access!  
    As you are planning on coming back to school, these are the topics (and subtopics) that we will be starting the year with. 

    Quarter 1 

    Unidad 1: Las familias y las comunidades (families and communities)

    • Las tradiciones y los valores (traditions and values)
    • Las comunidades educativas (educational communities)
    • La estructura de la familia (family structures)
    • La ciudadanía global (global citizenship)
    • La geografía humana (human geography)
    • Las redes sociales (social media)

    Unidad 2: Las identidades personales y publicas (personal and public identities)

    • La enajenacion y la asimilacion (alienation and assimilation)
    • Los heroes y los personajes historicos (heroes and historical figures)
    • La identidad nacional y la identidad etnica (national and ethnic identitites)


    Quarter 2

    Unidad 3: La belleza y la estética (beauty and aesthetics) 

    • Definiciones de la belleza (definitions of beauty)
    • Definiciones de la creatividad (definitions of creativity)
    • La moda y el diseño (fashion and design)
    • El lenguaje y la literatura (language and literature)
    • Las artes visuales y escénicas (visual and performing arts)
Last Modified on October 28, 2019