• Internet Safety Basics
    by Common Sense Media!
    Our job as parents & teachers is to keep our children safe with new and emerging technological resources and devices!
    Help our kids to understand that they should:
    • Never share their names, schools, ages, phone numbers, or addresses;
    • Create a STRONG password and keep it private (except to parents);
    • Immediately tell an adult if don't feel comfortable with something you see.


    We are proud to share that Hillside Elementary is a Common Sense School where students are engaged in lessons that pertain to being good digital citizens.


    common sense media school

    Strategies to help your child be a good digital citizen:

      • Check out the site before your kids visit it. Know what features and what content exist and make sure they’re good for your kids.
      • Use safe search settings for young kids or think about applying filtering software to limit inappropriate exposure. 
      • Tell your kids that people aren’t always who they say they are. Explain that if someone they don’t know contacts them, they shouldn’t respond but should let you know.
      • Remind kids that they need to act appropriately when interacting with others online.  A good rule of thumb: If they wouldn’t do something in real life, they shouldn’t do it online. 
      • Keep the computer in a central place, so you can see what’s going on.
      • Establish expectations and limits about the amount of time your children spend online and what they do.
      • View your own habits carefully. You are their role models.
      • Keeping kids safe and teaching them how to use technology responsibly is all about staying involved. Start by showing interest in the sites they visit and the games they play and your job will be a lot easier when they start exploring these technologies more independently.

    Are you ready to try an Internet Safety game?

    Interland by Google - Click HERE!