Explanation of PE and Health Grading

    Students receive a combined grade for Health and Physical Education. 


    *Most PE and Health assignments (below) will happen 2 times each quarter*


    (10 points) Five For Life Group Presentation or individual multiple choice quiz (study guides with answers online)

    (10 points) Health Quiz (usually 10 questions multiple choice, study guides with answers online)

    (10 points) Social Development in Fitness Concepts (Fitness Testing, Cardio, Muscle Strength and Endurance Activities, Fitness Games, Stretching)

    (10 points) Social Development in Sport/Games (Main Gym)

    (10 points) Concepts of  Sport/Games (Main Gym)

    (10 points) Portfolio (Welnet)    (*usually only 1 time per quarter)

    (10 points) Miscellaneous Assignments  


    “Social Development” = safety, cooperation, teamwork (solves problems, resolves conflicts, understands the positive and negative influences on decisions), participates in physical activity in; uses time to improve performance in all areas (Pacer and other Fitness Tests, Sport/Game Skills and Understanding) 


    “Skills” = demonstrates sport-specific skills and uses instruction and feedback to improve performance


    “Concepts” = knowledge and implementation of offensive and defensive strategies, rules; refine skills using concepts of relationships, effort, spatial awareness, speed, and pathways. Dance unit will be evaluated on a performed small group dance in which rhythm, ability to complete a dance sequence correctly, creativity, cooperation with group/good use of practice time, and good audience skills are evaluated.


    Health Quiz = students will be assessed and graded on the material covered in the “Health” segment of the rotation.  Quiz is based on the student notes sheet (7th, 8th grade) or concept maps and vocabulary (6th grade).
    For Health Study Guides - www.focusedfitness.org   and https://www.lcps.org//site/Default.aspx?PageID=100344


    Portfolio = this is a document used to allow students to choose, set, and evaluate fitness goals. Students must set long and short term goals, make plans to achieve their goals, evaluate and adjust goals as needed to continue to strive for appropriate higher goals. Most of this is done online at welnet.orghttps://www.lcps.org/Page/17599 


    *Cardiorespiratory Endurance = ability of the heart and lungs to work together efficiently to provide oxygen to the working muscles over a prolonged period of time.  Activities include: jogging on the track, running in games/activities, various PACER training runs, etc.


    *Muscular Strength = ability of the muscles to exert maximum force; 4-8 reps. 


    *Muscular Endurance = ability of the muscles to perform repetitive movement over a long period of time; 13-20 reps


    *Circuit Training - stations include but are not limited to push-ups, modified pull-ups, sit-ups, various lower body and upper body exercises

     *Functional Training - exercises that mimic and strengthen movements used in daily life

    *Flexibility = range of motion around a joint. A variety of dynamic and static stretching routines to include all major muscles of the body .

Last Modified on December 10, 2018