• Students must accumulate 100 hours of community service over their Dominion Career.  (summer prior to freshmen year until the last quarter of senior year)
    • The hours must be for a non-profit group or an individual effort to improve the community or the hours may be a community effort of a profit group. (i.e., helping a company raise money for cancer research)
    • Students must document all hours served. 
    • Hours must be verified by a sponsor or organizer. 
    • Students are also required to submit at least one Volunteer Evaluation from an adult sponsor describing the student’s contributions and attributes using the attached form or a "brag" letter stating what you did and how you did. 
    • Hours for the following will not be accepted..... for a grade- for pay- manageing a sport- being a teacher or class helper- for a court order (If  you are unsure, please see Mr. West)




    Updated 2018

Last Modified on August 8, 2018