• General Information about Phoenix

    ·       Phoenix is the computer system we use to generate report cards.

    ·       Grades will be placed into the system five to ten instructional days following an assessment.

    ·       Formative assessments will be considered class work, quizzes, student participation, teacher observation and activities conducted within units of study.

    ·       Summative assessments are formal tests and observations, usually conducted at the end of a unit.

    ·       Homework is not graded but marked for completion and understanding.


    Your child will receive letter grades for the topic statement on his or her report card.  The details for each letter grade are listed below:

    a)    A child who received a score of “M” on an assessment has demonstrated the understanding of skill necessary to “Meet the Standard.”  The goal is for all students to demonstrate proficiency.  Students can demonstrate 100% proficiency on an assessment and still receive an “M” for meeting the standard.

    b)   A child who receives a score of “P” on an assessment is “Progressing toward the Standard.”  They demonstrate a partial understanding of the standard.

    c)    A child who is working with the building blocks that will eventually lead to success at level “P” or higher would receive a “B” or “Below the Standard” for that particular assessment.

    d)   In order to receive a score of “E” on an assessment, a child must meet the level “M” learning target and also demonstrate application of more complex concepts related to level “M.”  A child who “Exceeds the Standard” produces work that shows in-depth understanding of the grade level concepts.

    The grading symbols for Second Grade used in Loudoun County are as follows:

    E(4)=Exceeds the grade level standards

    M(3)=Meets the grade level standards

    P(2)=Progressing to meet the grade level standards

    B(1)=Below the grade level standards


    These grades and numbers will appear on your child’s papers during the school year.  Please remember that grades are recorded in the grade book only when students have been provided appropriate time to practice a skill.  As students are learning and practicing a skill, formative assessments will be used to gauge the level of master of the learning target. Formative assessments guide instruction.