• Loudoun County Public Schools

    Woodgrove High School

    Health and Physical Education



    1. Arrive to class on time.
    2. Be in your designated spot for attendance roll call.
    3. Come prepared to class with school appropriate clothes; athletic attire including shoes with rubber soles that lace-up, socks, and sneakers (no flip flops, boots, sandals/slides, boat shoes, flats).
    4. Jewelry – Take it off or tape it up.
    5. Leave your cell phone, any other technology and snacks locked in your locker.
    6. PARTICIPATE/ENGAGE IN ALL ACTIVITIES to the best of your ability.
    7. Respect your teacher and your classmates (both verbally and physically).
    8. Come and see your teacher if you have any concerns, problems, injuries or issues. 
    1. PE teachers realize that injuries and illnesses occur. However, the student will still be expected to dress for class. The teacher will limit the activity, so it will not impair the student's health. To be excused from PE, students will be required to show a doctor's note. Any student with a note will be given an alternative assignment via Google-Classroom.
    1. One (1) excused absence per quarter will not count against you. For more than one (1) excused absence, you will need to make up that PE-Activity time with an alternative assignment (see your teacher).
    2. Students are issued LCPS locks and lockers at the beginning of each school term. Students are then responsible for locking their assigned lock on their assigned locker. Report lost locks immediately to the instructor. Lost locks must be paid for before another lock is issued, ($5). Only school issued locks are permitted in the locker rooms.
    3. Locks are to be locked at all times! This is the responsibility of each student.  It is also strongly recommended not to bring valuables to school. Every effort will be made to secure the locker room during class.
    4. Large lockers are used for personal items during class only. They are not individual lockers to store one’s personal items overnight. Clothing and locks left in these lockers will be removed. PE locks will be removed after the last day of class… all unclaimed items will be stored in the corresponding HPE Office’s Lost & Found.
    5. Team Room #1 is OFF LIMITS during the school day- This room will be locked at 9:00 and reopened for team usage at the end of the school day. Team Room #2 will be solely for Advanced P.E. Students (Barlow, Sharples, Dorsey).  All 9th and 10th grade students will utilize the P.E. locker room.  If you are an athlete that uses Team Room #1, it is imperative that you have all your necessary P.E. equipment in your P.E. locker as we WILL NOT be opening TEAM ROOM #1 during the school day. In conclusion, no student is permitted in Team Room #1. 
    6. Students are not allowed to be unattended in the Main Gym, Auxiliary Gym or Weight Room at any time.