• Ms. Cramer’s Keyboarding Expectation Guidelines
    General Expectations:

    Be Respectful

    o   Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    o   Keep a positive attitude.

    o   Do not share password or other private information.

    o   Keep your workstations neat and clean.

    o   Follow directions the first time they are given.

    Be Responsible

    o   Bring Keyboarding folder, colored pencils, pen, and completed assignments to each class.

    o   Put all non-related class items under your desk (e.g. purse, books, etc.)

    o   No food, gum, or drinks are allowed on the work stations.  Put water bottles on the front table during the entire class.

    o   If you miss my class, please check VISION or Myhomeworkapp for the homework assignment.  All missed work must be completed.

    Be Ready to Learn

    o   Don’t be late to class (a big pet peeve of mine!)  Be in your assigned seat before the bell rings.

    o   Keyboarding is a lifetime skill you will use DAILY!  You have to practice to get better. You can do this!

    o   You will learn the correct way to type without using the backspace key and without looking at your hands. 


    Grading Policy:  

    Your summative grade will be based upon projects, quizzes, assignments, and speed and accuracy tests.  Your formative grade will be based upon behavior, progress, and homework. I WANT you to ace this class!  You may retake your tests and quizzes as many times as you want before school or during lunch (after you eat in the cafeteria.)  You have every opportunity to get the grade you want in this class.  Use this to your advantage!