• Expectations for 7th Grade

    Social Studies


    A student in an honors class…

    • Exhibits excitement/enthusiasm about the subject
    • Possesses curiosity and wants to learn more
    • Likes to be challenged
    • Asks questions
    • Demonstrates self-motivation
    • Takes appropriate risks (Tries new things!)
    • Applies knowledge to new situations
    • Questions what is happening
    • Tries to improve his/her work
    • Goes beyond expectations
    • Works with others willingly and positively
    • Displays an openness to change
    • Demonstrates fluent and flexible thinking
    • Elaborates on ideas presented
    • Has an advanced vocabulary and/or knowledge base in the areas of interest
    • Completes academic assignments in a thorough and timely fashion
    • Works independently on complex tasks in a planned and organized manner


    Examples of work that will be completed in an

    Honors Social Studies class:

    ü  Students will write in response to historic situations.  Knowledge will be demonstrated through process that required cause and effect, contrast, synthesis, and application.

    ü  Students will create a thesis statement to investigate.

    ü  Students will evaluate and document the impact of historical events and developments in the founding and growth of the United States.

    ü  Students will complete assigned readings that augment their understanding of historical content.

    ü  Students will develop an understanding of US and world geography, and use it to analyze United States History as well as current events.

    ü  Students will study the past through the use of analysis and interpretation of primary sources. 



    Classroom Policies


    Interactive Student Notebook (ISN) and supplies:

    Students are asked to purchase a 2" binder.  This will be used exclusively for social studies all year and must be brought to class EVERYDAY!  The ISN will hold class work, homework, notes, study guides, grade sheets—everything you will need to be successful in social studies this year. We will also use glue, pencils, and colored pencils.


    Students will write down homework every day in their agenda. It is the school’s expectation that students keep an accurate record of assignments in their agenda. As a back-up system, all assignments are posted on StudentVue.  Be aware that technology can be unreliable!  I expect that all assignments be turned in on time.  


    Absent policy**:

    1.       Check the StudentVue and Google Classroom for assignments or note pages to complete.

    2.       If not sure what to do, or you need to copy notes you missed, check with a student from your class.

    3.       If still not sure what to do, see the teacher!


    **You should see your teacher right away upon your return to hand in work that was collected while you were out, or to make up quizzes or tests you missed. Keep in mind that while it is acceptable to copy missed notes, it is NEVER acceptable to copy missed homework for which you are being graded.