• Physics Information and Policies

    Classroom Policies

    Course Description

    The purpose of this course is to prepare students for college physics.  This course provides an understanding of the basic principles involved with physical concepts and the ability to apply these principles in the solution of problems. The course content includes topics in mechanics, kinetic theory, electricity, waves and optics, and modern physics.  (Required prerequisites: successful completion of Algebra II; Recommended prerequisites:  successful completion of Biology, Chemistry;   Recommended concurrent: Precalculus or Calculus.)


     Course Objectives

    Students who attend regularly and successfully complete the course will:

    1. Read, understand, and interpret physical information—verbal, mathematical, and graphical.
    2. Describe and explain the sequence of steps in the analysis of a particular physical phenomenon or problem; that is,
      1. describe the idealized model to be used in the analysis, including simplifying assumptions where necessary;
      2. state the concepts or definitions that are applicable;
      3. specify relevant limitations on applications of these principles;
      4. carry out and describe the steps of the analysis, verbally or mathematically; and
      5. interpret the results or conclusions, including discussion of particular cases of special interest.
    3. Use basic mathematical reasoning—arithmetic, algebraic, geometric, or trigonometric where appropriate—in a physical situation or problem.
    4. Perform experiments and interpret the results of observations, including making an assessment or calculating experimental uncertainties. 


     Course Content


    1. Measurement
    2. Newtonian Mechanics
    3. Kinematics (including vectors, vector algebra, components of vectors, coordinate systems, displacement, velocity, and acceleration)
    4. Newton's laws of motion
    5. Work, energy, power
    6. Systems of particles, linear momentum 


    1. Electricity
    2. Electrostatics
    3. Conductors, capacitors, resistors
    4. Electric circuits
    5. Waves and Optics
    6. Wave motion (including sound)
    7. Physical optics
    8. Geometric optics
    9. Relativity
    10. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity



    You will be required to collaborate on a daily basis with other students to solve physics problems. You must participate in the discussions, problem solving process, and the completion of classwork/homework.  Although the class is very much about collaboration, you alone will be responsible for learning the material and completing the quizzes and tests given on a regular basis. Your grade will be based upon the results of your tests and quizzes, labs and Vision homework assignments.



    All lab activities will be posted on Vision.  Any student who misses a lab/activity due to absence will have one calendar week to earn credit for the lab/activity.  Per LCPS Science Policy, all lab equipment must be removed within one calendar week of the completion of the lab/activity.




    Homework Policy

    All students will be required to access homework assignments and solutions through Loudoun Vision. Students must sign up with the correct class and teacher in order to receive a grade for the homework portion of the course.  Parents should discuss with their students the user name and password for Student Vision if they choose to monitor student progress within the course.

    Grading Policy


    Below is a breakdown of each quarter’s grading rubric.  There will be no extra credit opportunities; however, at the end of each unit, students have an extra opportunity to replace their score on one quiz of their choosing from that unit only.   The grade for the chosen quiz can only be improved and will replace the lower grade. Requizzes for any given unit will be ONLY given on the day of the unit test and students MUST be present to take advantage of this extra retake opportunity. 


    A cumulative quarter test will be given at the end of every quarter.  The quarter test will only help students’ grades. It will cover all material covered in that quarter with each previous unit covered in a separately graded problem.  Quarter tests can replace one quiz (of the student’s choosing) from each unit from that marking period with the grade on the corresponding quarter test problem. The quarter test will not count as an individual grade in the grade book.  It serves as a retake opportunity for previous unit quizzes only.


    Late work will not be accepted because all answers and solved problems will be posted on http://lcps.vision.org. Tests must be rescheduled within one day of your return if you are absent.

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    Homework problems will be completed in an organized notebook and used as a resource with additional online assignments.  Homework problems will be submitted online at http://loudounvision.net   





    Students will work in lab groups for each class activity or experiment.  Each student is responsible for the completion and submission of each lab’s written components. Students who miss a lab/activity must work with the teacher to make up the activity before/after school within one calendar week to complete the assignment.





    Will consist of mathematical problems.  Their frequency will depend on how much material is covered in a particular grading period.  In addition to daily review and practice materials, a specific review will be posted at http://loudounvision.net before each test.  Students will be provided with a formula sheet while they take any test. ALL TESTS WILL BE CUMULATIVE.



    Approximately every other class, students will be asked to complete one or two homework like problems or to answer questions from the material covered in previous classes. All quizzes will be announced in class and on http://loudounvision.net. Being absent the class before a quiz does NOT excuse you from the quiz.





    This category includes anything that we do in class that is not covered above.  Students who miss an activity must work with the teacher to make up the activity before/after school within one calendar week to complete the assignment. Attendance will impact this category.

    Make Up/Absent Policy 

    Students should refer to the Physics Vision page for information about what was missed when absent and whenever possible attempt the work prior to their return to class. Being absent the class before a quiz does NOT excuse you from the quiz. Tests must be rescheduled within one day of your return if you are absent.