Career and Technical Education (CTE)

    Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Grading Policy



    Formative assessments will be used to periodically check for understanding throughout the quarter and will not count towards the actual calculated numeric grade.

    All summative assessments in CTE will be based on a point-value system where each assessment has a different value depending on the nature of the assessment. No single assessment will count for more than 20% of the quarter grade.


    Retesting Policy

    In order to establish consistent and fair grading practices, a retesting policy has been established within the CTE department on when and how often students may retake assessments. Students receiving 70% or higher on an assessment may have the opportunity to complete a retake at the teacher’s discretion. Additional work will need to be completed before the retake is granted. Any student receiving less than 70% on an assessment will be required to retake and complete additional work.


    Backward Design Units for CTE:

    Classroom activities and assessments for each content area of CTE will support and reinforce Workplace Readiness Skills and competencies as described by the Virginia Department of Education.


Last Modified on August 25, 2016