Materials needed for class:


    1.     Three-ring binder with five dividers

    2.     Loose-leaf paper

    3.     Pens ,pencils & highlighter

    4.     Student agenda

    5.     Vocabulary composition book


    Preparation for class:


    1.     Bring binder & composition book to class

    2.     Have writing material for each class

    3.     Use of student agenda is mandatory


    Grading policy:


    Grades during the nine-week period will consist of tests, quizzes, projects, presentations, class participation and homework. Everything assigned will be given a grade. Grades are divided as following: 


    Quizzes       40%

                                 Tests                    20%

                                 Daily                    20% (homework and class work)

                                 Oral            20% (presentations and participation)






    *All important assignments and quizzes will be post on school website under my name POR, Lynn







    The students must submit their homework/assignments on time. In order to get the full credit, they have to inform me before the due date for late submission. The late work has to submit based on an agreed due date to get the 50% credit.


    Quiz Retake

    Students will have one chance to retake the quiz. The final grade of the quiz will be balanced out between the 1st quiz and 2nd  (retake) quiz.


    Make-up work/quizzes:

    Students must make-up work as soon as possible. They are required to email me ASAP or to see me by the day they return to school.


    Interim reports:


    Every student will receive an interim report halfway through the grading period. Feel free to contact me by email at Lpor@lcps.org if you have any questions. 



    Tips for studying a foreign language:


    1.     Make flash cards to learn verbs and vocabulary.

    2.     Keep your notebook and work well organized.

    3.     Write all assignments in your student agenda.

    4.     Study with a friend.

    5.     Attempt all homework assignments.

    6.     Study for a minimum of 20 minutes everyday.

    7.     Ask for help when you need it. Don’t wait until you are struggling and falling behind.

Last Modified on August 30, 2013