• Assessment and Grading Procedure

    Sports, Entertainment, & Recreation Marketing

    Briar Woods High School



    1.      The following tools will be used to assess student progress and determine grades for the above listed Marketing class:

    ·         In-class Assignments (group and individual) – 50 points                                             

    ·         Work Ethic (group and individual) – 50 points                                                

    ·         Quizzes – 50 points

    ·         Tests – 100 points                                                                    

    ·         Projects – 100 points 


    2.           A First Semester Exam is given to all students.  The First Semester Grade is determined by averaging together the 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, and First Semester Exam.  The grade weighting for determining the First Semester Grade is:  First Quarter= 40%, Second Quarter = 40% and Semester Exam = 20%.  This is a Loudoun County Public Schools policy.


    3.           A Final Exam is given to all students at the end of the school year. (Seniors are exempt from final exams if they have maintained an overall 2.0 GPA or higher in the class, and have no more than 2 absences from the class during the 2nd Semester.  Seniors must be present in class for more than 45 minutes in order to be counted as present for the class period.)


    The final exam is averaged with the 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter grades for the Second Semester Grade.  The grade weighting process determined by Loudoun County Public Schools is as follows:  Third Quarter= 40%, Fourth Quarter = 40%, and Final Exam = 20%


    4.           Any project or class assignment that is not completed by the due date, will result in the following loss of points for that assignment:

    1 class period late:  Loss of 10 points

    2 class periods late: Loss of 20 points

    3 class periods late: Loss of 30 points

    If a student misses class work or assignments due to an excused absence, an extension of time-based upon the number of days absent from class- will be granted for students to make-up the assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher to arrange for make-up work.


    5.           Loudoun County Public Schools has a “Failure Ceiling” for students who receive an F for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, Quarter.  Students cannot receive an F that is lower than 50.  During the Fourth Quarter of the school year, the ceiling is removed, and the actual grade will be averaged.