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Course Narrative: 8th Grade English


The Grade 8 English curriculum is an integrated program of reading and

writing skills, activities, and applications designed to develop clear and

effective written and oral communication, a life-long appreciation of

literature, and those skills necessary to incorporate electronic technology

into the research and writing process. Specific goals include helping

students 1) improve critical thinking skills; 2) develop a literary

background; 3) read challenging literature; 4) learn grammar, usage,

spelling, and mechanics through the writing process; 5) develop skills in

the use of electronic technology; and 6) practice oral communication skills

through individual, small group, and large group learning experiences.



·         Book Clubs: students grouped by high interest novels of their choice

·         Writing Workshops: developing writing territories into publishable pieces

·         Poetry Analysis

·         Independent High Interest Reading

·         Vocabulary and Word Origins

·         Oral Language: Effective communication and presentation skills