ML students, proficiency levels 1-5, will be taking a test to measure their English proficiency this winter.  Dictionaries, cell phones, and other electronic devices are not allowed in testing rooms.  All parts of the test are on the computer this year, and students should prepare for the new test format by watching the test demo video and taking the online practice test. 
    To view the test demo video and complete the practice test click here
    Students will be tested between January 11 and March 18, 2024, and ACCESS score reports will be mailed home to parents during the summer, 2024.  Students must score 5.1 or higher in two categories (overall and literacy) to exit from direct ML services.  All ML students codes 1-5 must take the test to measure their progress and to help determine their academic placement.  Due to changes in federal regulations, Virginia's teachers are no longer allowed to use student's transcripts and grades (body of evidence) as a factor in placing ML students and creating their course schedules.
    The WIDA ACCESS test has four parts:  listening, reading, writing, and speaking.  Listening, reading, and writing are tested in groups.  This year, all parts of the test will be untimed and presented in an online format.  For the speaking proficiency test, students will record their own responses on the computer.  In mid-January, ML teachers will visit Titan Time, and students will receive a test ticket showing their scheduled testing days and locations for group tests.   Students who are absent and miss their tests must make up the missing parts.  
    Please contact Ms. Sinclair, the ML Department Chair, if you have any questions.
Last Modified on February 29, 2024