• 3rd Grade Assessment and Grading

        The third grade team will plan, share, and collaborate closely so that all classrooms across the grade level share assignments and assessments. Grades, assessments, and assignments will be entered into Clarity within ten instructional days. Formative assessments evaluate learning during instruction. Summative assessments evaluate learning after instruction has occurred. The third grade team may post formative assessments in advance or after students are assessed. Most summative assessments will be posted in Clarity when they are assigned to students.

                            4=Exceeds the standard
                            3=Meets the standard
                            2=Progressing towards the standard
                            1=Below the standard

    Homework will not be graded but will appear in work habits. 

    We will send home assignments in the Tuesday Folders.  We will also regularly update our website with important dates of upcoming tests and projects. This information will also be available in our monthly newsletters. 

    To help students prepare for classroom assessments, talk with them about their vocabulary and have them use their words in context to explain how what we are studying relates to their world.  This will help to ensure that they not only understand the words but can apply them to extension questions.