Your supply list for my class is simple:
          a) a brain. (You must be prepared to be think and analyze.)
          b) a positive attitude.  (Why be negative??)
    Beyond that, you are smart enough to do what you (individually) need to do to keep up with class.  So do it.
    We have implemented a paperless classroom.  We use Microsoft OneNote in class for all substantive work.  OneNote is our electronic notebook.  Please make sure you have downloaded the (free) OneNote app.  (We use the OneNote app, not the OneNote on-line version.)
    OneNote works great on the school-supplied Chromebooks.  If you are thinking of buying your own machine, make sure your computer has a screen on which you can write using a stylus.  The ability to write on your computer screen is essential.  It is REALLY difficult to do mathematics on a keyboard!  Come talk to me if you are not sure what kind of stylus works best on your computer.    
Last Modified on August 23, 2021