• Student Accounts

    Student accounts are set up to accumulate funds for the students to use to offset associated WMAA activities. They are available to all students in any Fine Arts program. If students participate in a designated fundraising event, a portion of the proceeds from that event will be placed into an account in those students’ names.

    How does the money get into my Student Account?

    Money gets into the account from designated fundraisers, from overpays, and from direct deposits  (via check, credit card, or Pay Pal) into the account. This amount may vary from year to year.

    For what expenses may I use my Student Account?

    A student’s account may be used to offset the cost of any activity supported by the WMAA program. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Marching Band fee and shoes
    • Art supply fees
    • Band Activity fee
    • Drama production fees
    • Tuxedo rental and accessories (e.g. cummerbund, shirt, bow tie)
    • Concert Dress
    • Indoor Percussion/Winter Guard fees
    • Any District or State competitions for Band, Chorus, Orchestra, guitar, drama
    • International Thespian Society fees
    • Solo & Ensemble Festival
    • Spring Trip costs
    How do I find out how much money is in my Student Account?

    Beginning in 2013, we have utilized Charms Office (www.CharmsOffice.com) to track and manage our student accounts for WMAA.
    To use Charms to find out your Student Account Balance:

    1. Go to www.CharmsOffice.com.
    2. Under “Enter Login”, click on Parents/Students/Members
    3. Enter your school code:  wmaa.
    4. Enter your password.  Until you change it, your password is your student’s ID number.  This number has been assigned by WMAA.  Please email Paula Hicks for your student ID number.  Once in Charms, you can change your password.  To change personal information and password, click on the “Student Info” circle at the top.  Please update the student and parent emails so we can stay in touch!
    5. To see your financial statement and how much you have in your student account, click on the “$” or “Finances” circle at the top.  Click on the Financial Statement tab. 
    6. If you want to use your student account funds to make a payment on a WMAA fee, click on the “Transfer Request” tab and fill out the fields to send a request to transfer funds to a specific fee.
    How do I access the money in my Student account?
    Once you are logged into your student's account, you can click on "finances" to view your student's account balance.  From there, you can make a payment via Pay Pal or credit card OR request a transfer of Charms credits (if applicable).  Charms may be used to pay for Fine Arts fees (i.e. Marching Band fee, concert attire rental) or Fine Arts sponsored trips.
    What happens to my Student Account balance if I quit fine arts, transfer to another school or graduate?

    Any money that remains in your student account when you leave the fine arts department (for any reason) reverts back to the WMAA senior scholarship fund. However, at the parent's request, the balance will roll forward to a sibling who is actively participating in a WMAA program.