• Why we need Physical Ed.???

    Center for Disease Control states, "Nearly half of young people 12-21 years of age are not vigorously active: moreover, physical activity sharply declines during adolescence...School-based interventions have been shown to be successful in increasing physical activity levels..."

    Newsweek, "Physical activity is good not only for the heart, but also for the brain, feeding it glucose and oxygen, and increasing nerve connections, all of which makes it easier for children of all ages to learn. Numerous studies show that children who exercise do better in school."

    Caterino & Polak suggest that such physical activity as running, jumping, and aerobic game playing have a definite impact of children's frontal lobe-a primary brain area for mental concentration, planning, and decision making.

    American students involved in sports scored 17% higher than none-athletes.

    Pollatschek & Hagen (1996) ,"Children who engage in daily physical education show superior motor fitness, academic performance, and attitude toward school as compared to their counterparts who do not have physical education.

    (Sylwester) Movement facilitates cognition. Movement is a central mission of the brain.

    (Jensen) Repetitive Gross Motor movement balances brain chemicals that calm behavior and elevates self-esteem and self worth, accommodates ADD/ADHD.

    (Jensen) Motor skills are fundamental to learning. Memory is retrieved better when learned through movement.

    (Dennison) Crossing the midline integrates the brain to organize itself. Neural activation occurs to many parts of the brain and equally to both hemispheres, making the brain more alert and energized for learning.

    (Mr. Shepard & Mr. Tipton) PE is Awesome!!!