• 6th Grade History Supply List

    1. 1½” 3-Ring Binder à D Ring


    1. Two Pocket, 3-Hole Punched Folder


    1. Glue – sticks or liquid


    1. Pencils with Erasers


    1. 1 Red Pen


    1. Fine tipped Markers


    1. Colored Pencils


    1. Index cards (any size)


    1. Scissors


    1. 1 Highlighter Any Color


    1. Handheld Pencil Sharpener (for colored pencils)


    1. Dry Erase Markers (any type)


    1. Ear Buds/Headphones (must be able to plug into a device w/ a case)


    1. Flash Drive


    Your teacher will be giving you a History Notebook once the year begins.  THESE ARE VERY IMPROTANT AND CANNOT BE REPLACED – so it will be your responsibility to take care of and keep track of your notebook throughout the ENTIRE school year!!!!!

Last Modified on August 22, 2017