• Ensemble/Classroom Expectations:
    Students that participate in any of the instrumental music ensembles here at Dominion must agree and meet the following expectations in order to receive a high grade and continue involvement within that group.


    Students will be expected to...woodwinds
    • Arrive to class/rehearsal on time.  Be in the classroom BEFORE the tardy bell rings.
    • Students have five minutes from the official time that class begins to prepare their music, instrument, and equipment for instruction. Tardy and absent students will be handled in a manner consistent with school-wide policy.
    • Have their instrument EVERY DAY for EVERY rehearsal, plus a pencil for every rehearsal and their own individual copy of the music every day. Students are not to rely on their stand partner to bring their music.
    • NO student is allowed use of the Director’s PHONE or OFFICE work area without specific permission.
    • ALL food and drink (and GUM!) must be consumed OUTSIDE the Rehearsal Room.
    • Be ready to rehearse at the time the conductor steps onto the podium and calls for attention to begin rehearsal.  Be SILENT when the conductor is on the podium. All ensembles are expected to rehearse in a professional manner. Time spent waiting for individuals to get back “on task’ is wasteful of precious rehearsal time.  Focus is then unnecessarily directed toward issues other than music.
    • Attend ALL scheduled performances of the ensemble(s) to which they belong.  BAND AND ORCHESTRA are performance-oriented activities. Public performances are considered EXAMINATIONS.
    • Keep all homework, books, and other distractions PUT AWAY during rehearsal.
    • Practice the music to the point of complete competency. If necessary, difficult parts are to be worked out with the music teachers by appointment or with the student’s private teacher.  Students may request sound files to assist them with parts that are particularly problematic.
    • Keep their area around their seats CLEAN, and not leave reeds, paper, tissues, etc. lying around.
    • PERCUSSIONISTS are to PUT EVERYTHING away. Its a MUTUAL responsibility.
    • Keep their instrument in a cubby (not on the floor) or their student locker.  Keep the instrument storage room clean and organized.  Nothing should be in the instrument storage area, but instruments.  Keep bookbags, lunch, shoes, trash, etc. in your student hallway lockers.
    • Participate in musical life outside of school.
    • To TAKE PRIDE in their own accomplishments and progress and in the accomplishments of their peers, and their ensembles.
    • Private Lessons are encouraged for all students.  Private lessons are an excellent way to gain a HIGH LEVEL of proficiency on a musical instrument.

    Students who live up to these expectations can expect in return, a hard and honest effort on their behalf by their instructors, good grades in the class, and in their Senior years, positive letters of recommendation to their prospective colleges, employers, or chosen branch of military service.  Students who DO NOT live up to these expectations can expect to be first reprimanded, their parent(s) advised of their negative behaviors, and then if necessary, ultimately removed from their ensemble and be offered a music class where their lack of serious effort will not negatively impact other students.
    Concerts and Performances

    As all of our ensembles are considered co-curricular activities as listed in the LCPS Program of Study, performances outside of the school day are REQUIRED for all participants and are counted as "exams".  Please ensure you are in attendance at all performances and after school rehearsals during the school year.
    • Tuesday, October 21:  Pre-Concert rehearsals, 4:15pm for Concert Band w/ Percussion, 5:15 for Symphonic Band w/ Percussion
    • Wednesday, October 22:  Fall Concert: Sounds of the Sea (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra)
    • Tuesday, December 16:  Pre-Concert rehearsals, 4:15pm for Symphonic Band w/ Percussion, 5:15 for Concert Band w/ Percussion
    • Wednesday, December 17:  Winter Concert: Holiday Extravaganza (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra, Choirs)
    • Monday, March 2:  Pre-Concert rehearsals, 4:15pm for Concert Band w/ Percussion, 5:15 for Symphonic Band w/ Percussion
    • Tuesday, March 3:  Festival Concert (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra, SRMS)
    • Saturday, March 7:  VBODA Band Assessments (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Percussion)
    • Saturday, March 14:  VBODA Orchestra Assessments (Orchestra)
    • Friday, March 27 through Sunday, March 29:  Performance Tour to New York City (optional)
    • Tuesday, May 26:  Pre-Concert rehearsals, 4:15pm for all groups
    • Wednesday, May 27:  Finale Concert: Heroes! (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra)
    • Wednesday, June 3:  Band and Orchestra Banquet
    • Sunday, June 14:  Graduation (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Percussion)
    Fees for Participation

    Students that participate in any of the instrumental music ensembles here at Dominion will be assessed a $30-$60 ensemble fee for the academic school year to help defray the costs of sheet music purchases, dry cleaning of concert attire, equipment upkeep, and technical needs for performances.  The fee breakdown is $25 for ensemble needs, $5 for dry cleaning, $15 for music department golf shirt, and $15 for formal tuxedo shirt (only for male students in Orchestra, Concert or Symphonic Bands who need a new/replacement wing-tip collared tuxedo shirt.  Contact the director if you have any questions or need assistance.
    Concert Attire

    Students are expected to look professional at school sponsored musical performances.  A uniform will be issued to all students and may include tuxedo pants, vests, jackets, ties, or concert gowns as befitting the ensemble.  Each concert may have a unique attire requirement and communication between the conductor and student musicians will confirm before each performance.  Students will be responsible for providing their own footwear and/or tuxedo shirts as needed.