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    What is Homebound Instruction?



    Loudoun County Public Schools’ homebound instruction support program is designed to provide continuity of educational services between the classroom and home/hospital for students who must be confined due to a medical need, either physical or psychological, that contraindicates school attendance for a limited period of time. Homebound services are for student illness/injury only; services are not to compensate for absences related to family care or illness. Homebound is not to be used to make up work missed by the student prior to eligibility or compensate for previous absences, nor is it intended to replace the regular school program. Services are provided only when Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is in session. 

    • Homebound instruction is temporary and placements are not to exceed nine weeks. Students are expected to attend school to the fullest extent possible. Whenever possible, school-based accommodations must first be considered and exhausted prior to consideration being given to Homebound instruction support.
    • Homebound instruction is designed to assist students from falling significantly behind during the period of medical confinement.
    • The goals of homebound services are to help keep the student current with core academic classroom instruction, to sustain continuity of instruction, and to facilitate the student’s return to the school setting.
    • Homebound services are not a guarantee that the student will progress in the academic program.
    • Homebound instruction is not intended to supplant school services, nor is it intended to replace the regular school program.
    • Homebound is not a remediation or “catch up” program and is not designed to provide students with time to make-up previously missed assignments.
    • Applications for homebound instruction will be reviewed and are subject to an approval process.
    • Requested homebound instruction for students receiving special education services shall be subject to review by the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) team pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.


    Who is eligible for Homebound Instruction? 

    To be eligible for homebound services, the student must be actively enrolled in a Loudoun County public school. In cases where it is medically projected that a student will miss three consecutive weeks or longer of classroom instruction because of a medical condition or procedure, a request may be submitted for consideration if it is determined that the student cannot otherwise attend with accommodations.  

    In order for a student to be considered for homebound services, a medical release and exchange of information between the treating physician or licensed clinical psychologist, psychologist, psychiatrist or a psychiatric nurse practitioner and school division personnel must be fully completed and submitted. The Homebound Services Coordinator or designee will determine eligibility for homebound instruction. 


    What is the Approval Process for Homebound Instruction Services? 

    Parents/guardians are to request the necessary forms for Homebound approval determination via the Assistant Principal Homebound Contact at their respective school. The Assistant Principal Homebound Contact will then submit completed forms to the Homebound Coordinator for review and approval determination.

    Follow-up will be conducted by the Homebound Coordinator and/or school administration with the treating/certifying physician or licensed clinical psychologist to ensure the completeness of the information, determine the appropriateness of the request, and to clarify the need for homebound instruction versus school-based instruction with appropriate accommodations, as necessary. The treating/certifying physician or licensed clinical psychologist may also be required to submit an updated treatment plan and school transition plan. The Homebound Services Coordinator or designee will determine eligibility for homebound instruction.  


    What Classes can a Student Take While Receiving Homebound Instruction Support?

     Instruction is provided in core classes:

    • English, mathematics, science, and social science. Specialty classes (i.e., those requiring labs, special facilities or equipment) may not be comparable.
    • Based on a regular five-day school week during the academic school year elementary students generally receive five hours of direct instruction a week.
    • Middle school students receive eight hours a week. 
    • High school students receive two hours per week per core class for which the student is actively enrolled.
    • Advanced placement courses are not provided for on homebound instruction and modifications and/or reductions to honors level coursework will initiate a transfer to an academic level course.
    • All final grade determinations will be made by the teacher of record in collaboration with the school administration.
    • Students who do not attend a full-day of school will have a proportionally fewer number of hours.
    • Courses can be instructed in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, direct teacher and online instruction.


    Can a Student Temporarily Attend School for Partial Days While Continuing to Receive Homebound Instruction?

    Yes. For students who have a severe, chronic or intermittent condition certified by a licensed physician, licensed clinical psychologist, psychiarist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, they can temporary attend school on a part-time basis, while also receiving Homebound instruction.


    How is a Student’s Attendance reported while receiving Homebound Instruction Services?

    Students are carried on the rolls of the school for the duration of the homebound instruction, and attendance is marked in accordance with student compliance to instructional requirements of the program. State compulsory attendance laws apply for students receiving Homebound services. Repeated cancelations or non-compliance can result in the termination of services.

    For additional information contact the administrative Homebound Contact at your child’s school. 

Last Modified on August 22, 2017