• COURSE TITLE:       Family and Consumer Sciences, Grade 7


    PREREQUISITE:      None


    DESCRIPTION:         Family and Consumer Sciences 7 is a 18 week exploratory program which provides a contemporary approach to the development of skills that are critical to everyday life. Students will have the opportunity to explore, through a multi-media approach, concepts and practice skills related to nutrition, laundry techniques, consumerism, personal grooming, money management, food science, career interests, environmental issues and many more. Instruction in Work and Family Studies incorporates and reinforces Virginia Standards of Learning.


    MAIN TOPICS:          Demonstrating Workplace Readiness Skills:  Personal Qualities and People Skills


                                           Demonstrating Workplace Readiness Skills:  Professional Knowledge and Skills


                                           Demonstrating Workplace Readiness skills:  Technology Knowledge and Skills


                                           Addressing Elements of Student Life


                                           Understanding Human Development


                                           Demonstrating Interpersonal Relationships


                                           Exploring Family Relationships


                                           Maintaining Living Environments (Personal Environments)


                                           Demonstrating Nutrition and Wellness


                                           Using Consumer and Family Resources


                                           Developing Textile, Fashion, and Apparel Concepts


                                           Developing Education and Early Childhood Concepts


                                           Exploring Career, Community, and Family Connections


                                           Developing Leadership Skills

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