• COURSE TITLE:       Family and Consumer Sciences, Grade 8

    PREREQUISITE:      None

    DESCRIPTION:         Family and Consumer Sciences Exploratory III (8th grade) is an advanced-level course that prepares middle school students for their roles in families, careers, and communities through project-based instruction.  Students experience in-depth studies of nutrition and wellness, food preparation, relationships, personal environments, textiles, fashion and apparel, consumer resources, child development and care, and leadership service in action.  Instruction in this course emphasizes science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts, where appropriate.


    MAIN TOPICS:          Demonstrating Workplace Readiness Skills: 

                                          Personal Qualities and Abilities

                                          Interpersonal Skills

                                          Professional Competencies

                                          Addressing Elements of Student Life                                                                

                                          Exploring Work-Based Learning

                                          Facilitating Human Development

                                          Managing Interpersonal Relationships

                                          Strengthening Family Relationships

                                          Analyzing Living Environments (Personal Environments)

                                          Enhancing Nutrition and Wellness

                                          Maximizing Consumer and Family Resources

                                          Applying Textile, Fashion, and Apparel Concepts

                                          Applying Education and Early Childhood Concepts

                                          Managing Career, Community and Family Connections

                                          Developing Leadership Skills








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