Need extra help in math?
    1. Tutoring: Check out the Tutoring Resources page on the Counseling Website for local tutor suggestions!
    2. Check your teacher's office hours
    3. Peer tutoring 
    4. Try some of the websites below.
    5. Form a study group with people in your class!
    6. Math Lab room 2309 - Open for first 45 minutes of each block.
    SOL Practice
    Click here for information and resources for the SOL.
    Calculus Practice
    Click here for links to calculus practice problems, tutorials, and your calculus textbook answers. 

    Download these free apps!
    These are some free apps for your smartphone or tablet that may come in handy both at home and in school!

    Desmos - graphing calculator
    Moodle - VISION
    QR Reader (through Scan) - QR codes
    Helpful Websites
    The content of the following web links are not controlled by Loudoun County Public Schools. While LCPS staff review links when they are inserted, the content may change. If you find any linked content you consider inappropriate, please bring the matter to the attention of the Technology Resource Teacher. Please be aware that outside source web pages may link to other pages that have not been reviewed. Parents, please explore these web sites with your student.  Students should only use the Internet with adult permission and/or supervision.
    1. LCPS Secondary Math Office: High School Math
    2. Virginia Department of Education: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/sol/practice_items/testnav8.shtml
    3. learnzillion.com
    4. patrickjmt.com
    5. www.purplemath.com 
    6. brightstorm.com
    7. khanacademy.com
    8. http://www.ixl.com/math/algebra-1
    9. youtube.com - You'll have to search by topic to get a list of videos. You'll be surprised with all the tutorials you can find!
    10. Google it! - You can find almost anything through Google.  Unsure of a topic? Google a tutorial
Last Modified on October 3, 2019