Department of Student Services
    21000 Education Court
    Ashburn, Virginia 20148
    Telephone: (571) 252-1200
    Fax: (571) 252-1242

    Asia R. Jones, Ed.D.
    Assistant Superintendent

    What We Do

    The Assistant Superintendent for the Department of Student Services provides leadership and coordination for the offices of Special Education, Diagnostic and Prevention Services, Student Services, and the related programs that support student performance through special education, school counseling, student registration, health, social work, student assistance, attendance, homebound, assessment, diagnostic, psychological and parent resource services. Additionally, the Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Services provides oversight for the implementation of policies and procedures for special permission, home instruction, religious exemptions, kindergarten exemptions and tuition requests; prepares school Board appeals under Policy 8-20 and 2-20 and interprets federal and state laws and regulations for administrative and school staff to ensure compliance.


    The Department of Student Services staff focus on prevention and intervention approaches in the schools and are committed to the "Education of the Whole Child" to ensure safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students. The FY18 budget is focused on several initiatives that continue to support these goals for addressing academic, behavioral, social/emotional and health needs of LCPS students. These continuous academic, mental health and wellness initiatives include: Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS), suicide prevention, academic and career planning, specialized reading instruction, restorative practices, and behavior assessment and intervention team planning.


    The Assistant Superintendent provides leadership and direction for the development and implementation of countywide initiatives for children, youth and families; and promotes interagency collaboration with departments and agency heads representing the Loudoun County Community Services Board (Mental Health, Substance Abuse & Developmental Services), Juvenile Court Services, Health Department, Family Services, the Sheriff's Office, and the Community Policy and Management Team. Liaison support is also provided to the Student Support and Services Committee of the School Board.


    The Assistant Superintendent continues to strengthen partnerships with colleges and universities, such as George Washington University, Northern Virginia Community College, George Mason University (GMU) and Virginia Commonwealth University to promote academic and transition programs for students and professional development for teachers. As an appointed member of the Advisory Committee for the College of Education and Human Development at GMU, the Assistant Superintendent provides input for mutually beneficial initiatives for LCPS students and professional learning for staff.

Last Modified on September 30, 2021