• Dear Strings Parent/Guardian: 

    By now I am sure you are wondering what you need to do before school begins. Local music stores usually begin renting instruments in late July or early August.  Students who are beginning strings really don't need instruments until the second full week of school.  Violin, Viola and Cello students need to rent instruments from local music stores.  Bass students, please read my comments below.
    Local music stores can be a big help to you, please use them to support our local economy.  They are listed below.  The yellow pages in your phone book will have their contact information.
    A and A Music in Ashburn/Brambleton,  www.aamusic.com
    A Plus Music and More in Leesburg, VA   Please Google the store name for their website.  
    Chuck Levins's Washington Music Center, Wheaton, MD , www.chucklevins.com
    Day Violin Shop in Chantilly(near the Dulles Expo Center) www.dayviolins.com
    Melody Music in Sterling. Please Google the store name for their website.
     Mintons Academy of Music,  Ashburn, VA  Please Google the store name for their website.
    Music and Arts in Leesburg in the Best Buy Plaza/ Sterling www.musicarts.com
    Of course any other music store you see listed in the yellow pages is fine as well.  Please bring your child with you to the music store, so that the staff there can measure him/her to make the correct decision for the size of instrument needed.  
     Cello players:  if you plan to play cello, please rent a cello from a local music store.  You will use the cello for home practice.  There will be cellos for you to use at school during class.
      Bass players:  there are school basses available for rent.  You will rent a bass to use at home and then use a bass at school during class.  The bass rental fee for the school year is $100.00.  Please email me if you plan to play bass, so I can reserve a bass for you.  Basses will be picked up by you and your parent/guardian during the third week of school. 
    Materials list:
    Books:  Sound Innovations for String Orchestra, Book 1 for 6th Grade  (white and blue)
                   Sound Innovations for String Orchestra, Book 2 for 7th Grade  (white and red)
                   Sound Innovations for String Orchestra, Sound Development for 8th Grade, (white and green).
                         8th Grade students still need last year's book for the first 4 weeks of school.   
     This year, due to all students having devices, you will not need a three ring binder.  You will get folders in class instead.  
    Equipment:  correct size instrument with rosin, soft cloth, shoulder pad(violin/viola), or rock stop/endpin strap for cello only.  A violin/viola sponge shoulder pad with a two rubber bands to hold it in place is best. I have notified the music stores that the sponge shoulder pads are the type we use a Harper Park MS. Please match the sponge shoulder pad to your size instrument: so for example, if you have a 3/4 size violin or a 13" inch viola you would get a 3/4 size sponge.  (The other shoulder pads with clamps are too expensive and often fall apart sooner than later). 
    Other items include wire folding music stand for home practice.
    If possible, please try to have an instrument for your child by the second full week of school.  You will need to label the instrument case with your child's first and last name:  a luggage tag tied securely to the handle works well. I will work on the instruments to set up frets on them.  The frets are important guide for beginning strings students.  
    If you are planning to purchase the instrument online, please be very careful! There is no way to guarantee quality without seeing the instrument "in person".  I will be happy to advise on purchases if parents wish, however, I do not recommend purchasing stringed instruments while a child is still growing because you will need to replace it for a larger size rather quickly.  Please avoid generic retail outlets for purchase at all costs and use specialists.  Really our local music stores are your best bet.  Check them out and find one that fits your budget.  If expense is a problem, please contact me personally. 
     If you decide to purchase an instrument online, please be aware that the instrument will be shipped to you and it will need an additional service before it is playable.  Usually shipped stringed instruments arrive without the bridge or the strings attached.  If that is the case, simply take the instrument to a local music store and they will perform the "set up" of the instrument.  They usually charge a fee for this service. 
    I can be reached by using this link: Mrs. DeRosa 
Last Modified on June 10, 2019