• ***Distance Learning expectations will be shared once we've (as a school) completed designing them***


    Penguin with Books

    Classroom Management- Room #19 (Digital Learning class 19)
    Mr. B's (and Ms. Demasi’s) room
    We follow the penguin pride rules...
    1. Respecting Self
    2. Respecting Others
    3. Respecting Property
    As a fifth grader, your son/daughter is encouraged and expected to try to follow those simple guidelines. Most situations during the day will fall into one of those categories. I do not create a different set of class rules, because we feel the rules the school has in place are tailor-made for our classroom.
    As their Teacher, my job is too...
    1. Model and encourage good behaviors.
    2. Correct and re-teach any behaviors that need improvement.
    3. Connect the good things taught at home to life in school, in fifth grade, and in room 19! 
    As problems arise that require parental attention/notification, I'll be in touch.
    Ms. Demasi and I are looking forward to an awesome year in 5th grade!