Youth Employment Certificate (Work Permit) Automated Application Process 

    The Department of Labor and Industry announces the launch of an automated employment certificate process in accordance with the General Assembly changes to §40.1-92 of the Code of Virginia effective July 1, 2013. Children and their parents no longer need to apply for an employment certificate at their school. 

    Youth Employment Certificate (Work Permit) Application Instructions

    The first phase of the electronic conversion allows employers and parents to electronically access, complete, and download forms required for the issuance of an employment certificate and is effective September 9, 2013. The application for an employment certificate requires submission of two documents; a Permission for Employment form and an Employer Intent to Employ form to the Labor and Employment Law Division.

    After completion by the appropriate parties, the forms should be mailed to:

              Department of Labor & Industry
              Child Labor Unit
              1570 E. Parham Rd.
              Richmond, VA 23228-2360
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    Youth Employment Certificate (Work Permit) Application
    The youth may not begin employment until the employment certificate is issued.  Upon approval, the employment certificate will be mailed directly to the employer.  Please allow seven to ten business days processing time. Please be advised that incomplete forms will delay the issuance of an employment certificate. 

    The Permission for Employment form must be completed by the youth’s parent, guardian, or custodian and signed before a Notary Public.  A notary is required by law to affix a seal or stamp on every document he or she notarizes.  The stamp or seal is required to be sharp, legible, permanent, and photographically reproducible.  Many banks provide notary public services.  Only complete forms can be accepted for processing.  Faxed documents cannot be accepted. Original forms must be submitted by U.S. mail.


    The Intent to Employ form must be completed by the employer. The youth must furnish a copy of an acceptable evidence of age document. The employer must retain and certify to the Labor and Employment Law Division the legal age for employment. The Code of Virginia 40.1-97 establishes the following as legal evidence of age documents.   

    • A birth certificate
    • An attested transcript issued by a registrar of vital statistics or other officer charged with the duty of recording births 
    • A baptismal record or duly certified transcript thereof showing the date of birth and place of baptism of the child
    • Other documentary proof of age specified by the Commissioner which includes any government issued identification card such as a passport, DMV identification card, or military identification card.



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