Student circulation is for two weeks and materials may be renewed as long as no one is on the waiting list for that book and the book is present at the time of renewal.


    The library media center has an open circulation policy. Students and staff may check-out/in at any time during the day. The number of items students may check-out are as follow:


    • Kindergarten: 1 during first two months, 2 remainder of the year
    • 1st grade: 2 items
    • 2nd grade through 5th grade: 3 items



    Students may check out an extra book for a teacher assigned project with the librarian’s permission.  This is called a “project book.”  The project book may be kept for a month.  However, the project book must be returned before another project book may be checked out.


    Overdue notices will be printed and distributed on a regular basis.  Notification of replacement cost will be sent home for materials that are claimed to be lost or damaged beyond repair.  Money paid for damaged or lost materials will be deposited in the Lost/Damaged Library Book Account.  A replacement copy will be purchased.  If the exact book is no longer in print, a similar book will be purchased.  If a lost book is found after payment is made, a refund can not be made.  


    These items include: books, magazines and books on tape/CD and Playaways. Reference materials are available to students for overnight check-out. 

Last Modified on August 12, 2019