•  Just For The Fun Of It

    Compliments of Mrs. Page


    Math-Play.com Math Games

    -      Walk the plank (adding and subtracting integers)

    -      Millionaire Game – move up the pyramid to become the Million Dollar Winner by getting the answers correct – choose from 3 themes (factors, algebraic expressions, and place value)

    -      Jeopardy Game Show – 5 themes to choose from (fractions, integers, factors, exponents, or angles)

    -      Board Game (adding and subtracting integers)


    Math Goodies

    -      Free Games include:  Integer Football, Percent Goodies, Factor Tree Game, and Probability Goodies


    SoftSchools Games

    -      Lots of games to choose from starting with addition and subtraction all the way up to Geometry and Algebra


    Hotmath Games

    -      Catch the Fly (graphing in the XY coordinate plane)

    -      Number Cop (race the clock choosing multiples)

    -      Factortris – like Tetris, but with factors


    Math Textbook Website Games

    -      Choose State (VA), Student/Parent, Mathematics

    -      Click on Math Triumphs, select grade

    -      Enter as student/parent

    -      Click on Active Folder Games

    -      Have Fun!


    Other Math Web-Sites to Check out

    -      http://www.brainpop.com

    -      http://www.ixl.com/math

Last Modified on August 30, 2013