What you will turn in:

    1)    Multiple choice questions with answers circled (Multiple Choice KEY)

    2)    Non Multiple choice questions with answers and work on those pages (Non Multiple Choice KEY)

    3)    Work for all multiple choice questions on separate paper

    a.     Work must be in order and clearly labeled!


    How it will be graded:

    This review is 20% of your final exam grade!


    Graded for Completion



    = 20 possible points


    Graded for Accuracy

    (I will pick 10 problems randomly)



    10 problems x 2 points each

    (correct answer AND correct steps!)


    = 20 possible points


    40 possible points


    Final Exam = 160 points + 40 points from review = 200 points total

Last Modified on May 29, 2012