• Career exploration is a very pertinent phase of the career planning process. Nothing is more valuable than seeing what it is like to work in a specific career field. Monroe Technology Center is a unique educational opportunity for high school students because the instructional focus of learning is hands on and career/college oriented. For example, our Cosmetology class is designed to function as a salon. Students will have the opportunity to perform services as they would in their chosen career field. 
    With 26 valuable programs to choose from and opportunities to explore careers from several career clusters, students will get a personal experience of what it would be like to be a computer network engineer, nurse, graphic designer, auto technician, firefighter, etc. 
    Monroe Technology Center has a Shadowing Program that is open to all high school freshman and sophomores in Loudoun County. Shadowing gives students an opportunity to explore career and class options in two programs. Not only do shadowers have an opportunity to take part in day-to-day lessons, but shadowers also have an opportunity to have their questions answered. This is a great opportunity and experience to learn, grow, and explore careers.