• Loudoun County Philosophy Statement


    The Loudoun County Public Schools are places where students receive a quality education in an environment which promotes individual growth and initiative.  The staff works with the family and the community to foster students’ intellectual, physical, social, moral, and ethical development consistent with the needs of productive citizens.  A central element in this mission is to prepare students to live full and useful lives and to work confidently and cooperatively through democratic institutions to improve the quality of life for all people by:


    1.    Sustaining a school climate where academic achievement is valued, acknowledged, and advanced by the staff and parents and pursued with vigor by the students

    2.    Creating a school climate which promotes strong positive self-concepts and generates interventions to ensure the continued personal growth of each student

    3.    Securing a well qualified school staff whose role, central to the education of the children, is recognized and respected, and whose productive service will be acknowledged through continued support, fair compensation, and appreciation

    4.    Teaching a curriculum of comprehensive studies in the elementary schools with increasing differentiation occurring in the middle and high schools to accommodate diverse personal and vocational interests

    5.    Maintaining a physical and social environment which is conductive to the learning process

    6.    Ensuring that the learning environment is one which gives students ample opportunity to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills

    7.    Recognizing the differing needs and interests of individual students and providing appropriate topics of study and instructional activities which will enhance and stimulate each student’s growth and development

    8.    Instilling in each student those common values necessary for living and working together as responsible citizens in a democratic society

    9.    Fostering a broader understanding an appreciation of the school system in the community and stimulating closer links among teachers, students, and parents.


    Algonkian Elementary School Vision


    Algonkian Elementary School is a cooperative partnership of students, staff, parents and community. We are dedicated to the establishment of a nurturing and safe environment in which students' individuality and self worth are valued and where all students and staff are treated with respect.  Students are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential as critical thinkers, through the use of effective academic and social problem solving skills. Students will be equipped with the tools necessary to achieve success in our ever-changing technological society.  Algonkian Elementary School is committed to the development of lifelong learners who are able to identify and develop their own strengths and talents.


    Algonkian Elementary School Counseling Department Vision

    The Algonkian School counseling program envisions all students as productive community members and successful lifelong learners.  All students will be able to effectively use critical thinking, academic, and social problem solving skills.  Supported by a developmental, comprehensive, and data driven counseling program, students will be able and equipped to identify and develop their own strengths, appreciate diversity in others, and achieve success throughout the lifespan in our ever-changing society. 

     We believe:

    All students can learn.
    All students have dignity and worth.
    All students can be lifelong learners.
    All students can achieve success.
    All students can be productive community members.
    All students’ differences have value.
    All students benefit from a strong home/school connection.
    All students are entitled to comprehensive, developmental, data driven, and preventative counseling services consistent with the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Model and standards for school counseling programs in Virginia public schools.
    All students have the right to be served by the school counseling program and state licensed school counselors.
    All students have the right to feel safe in their school.