• Loudoun County Public Schools Mission Statement

    The mission of the Loudoun County Public Schools is to work closely with students, families, and the community to provide a superior education, safe schools, and a climate for success.  The educational program of the Loudoun County Public Schools will strive to meet or exceed federal, state, and local requirements for assessment of achievement and to promote intellectual growth, individual initiative, mutual respect, and personal responsibility for productive citizenship.

    Algonkian Elementary Mission Statement

    Algonkian Elementary School is a diverse partnership of students, staff, parents and community members dedicated to the establishment of a safe and nurturing environment in which everyone strives to become a lifelong learner.

    Algonkian School Counseling Department Mission

    The mission of the Algonkian Elementary Counseling Department supports the mission of Loudoun County Public Schools and Algonkian Elementary School by providing an equitable, comprehensive, and developmental counseling program.  Our program empowers academic excellence, career development, responsible behavior and critical thinking skills in order for all students at Algonkian Elementary School to become successful lifelong learners.