• read! What are you reading this summer? 
    As summer approaches you may be looking for books to read with and to your child.  Here are some great resources to find that "just right" book you've been looking for! 
    Here are some great websites:
       ¨  Books online: www.tumblebooks.com : Username: lcpse &  Password:elem

    ¨  Ashburn library – http://library.loudoun.gov : Click on Kids’ Page, book lists, and e-books! You can check out books online and just drive by to pick them up! :)

    ¨  American Library Association – www.ALA.org: book lists, information on authors, and more!

    ¨  www.readingrockets.org : Offers amazing information on many topics

    ¨  Top 100 Greatest Books for Kids: https://www.scholastic.com/100books/pdf/Top_100_Childrens_Books_of_All_Time.pdf

    ¨  10 Weeks of Summer Reading Adventures: https://www.readingrockets.org/article/10-weeks-summer-reading-adventures-you-and-your-kids

    Here are some tips on how to pick the right book:

    Choosing Good Books

    Good books can inspire your children, expand their imaginations, and help them become better learners. Parents can encourage reading in many ways, but experts agree that choosing good books is an essential first step. You can help your children choose books that will captivate their attention and show them the joy reading can bring. The more they like to read, the more they will read.

    What makes a children's book good?
    A good children's book interests the children who read it and makes them want to read more.
    Some such books appear regularly on lists of recommended children's reading. These are the books that appeal to many youngsters and have won the respect of librarians and educators. The real test of a "good" book, however, is your children's reactions to it. Take your cue from them. Trust your instincts and your children's judgment as you explore the world of children's literature together.

    But what can you do to motivate your children to read more regularly?
    As a parent, you know that reading is important, and you probably feel frustrated if your child doesn't like to read. Many forces in children's lives pull them away from reading — television, video games, and after-school activities — but finding a way to incorporate reading and writing activities into your child's daily routine may not be as difficult as it seems. Try the following:

    • Learn more about your child's interests and suggest books, magazines, and articles that relate to those topics.
    • Sometimes good movies are a starting point for pleasure reading — after seeing a movie based on a book, children will be motivated to read the book.
    • Sometimes travel sparks reading, and finding books that relate to a place you visit on a family vacation can get a child hooked.
    • Keeps books and other reading materials at home.
    • Read books with your children! Children of any age can appreciate being read to.
    • Be a good role model — let your children see you reading.
    • Try a hands on activity. There are many activities that tie in literacy themes.  

    Reading and being read to make good readers better!  Though reading books at an appropriate level is important, instilling the value of reading is a life-long gift we can give our children! 

Last Modified on June 8, 2023