Community Based Instruction


    Mr. Somers   2005-2006


    Welcome to Community Based Instruction (CBI) 2005-2006.  This will be an exciting and busy year.  We have a lot to learn and to accomplish!  After looking at each of your IEP’s, I compiled the following list of topics that we will be studying this year:


    Accessing Home, School, and Community Resources


    Occupational Skills

    Government and Law



    Problem solving


    Social Skills at home, school, work, and leisure

    Time Management


              We will cover all of these topics (and maybe a few more) and continue working in the community.  Our mission and goals for the work place are as follows:



              To provide opportunities for students with developmental disabilities to learn about and experience independent employment.



    ·        Provide students with work experience in a structured setting

    ·        Develop students’ career awareness and positive work attitude

    ·        Foster students’ independent work ethic and self advocacy

    ·        Increase students’ quality and speed of work

    ·        Enhance self esteem by increasing their options and opportunities


    Required Materials:

              1” Notebook





       Weekly point sheet                                     40 points    


     100 points


    Class Rules:

    1.     Come to class on time and be prepared to start working immediately.

    2.     Be respectful of others.

    3.     Take responsibility for your own behavior.

    4.     Participate in all learning activities.



Last Modified on August 27, 2005