• Business and Information Technology Education in Virginia is an important segment of the total educational program, in keeping with program goals, students attain competencies for work, further education and training, and personal use.  All students have the opportunity to complement their academic preparation through the Business & Information Technology program.
    Occupational courses prepare students for careers in:
    Information technology (offered through Monroe Technical Center)
    Programming and software development (offered through Monroe Technical Center)
    Interactive media
    Office systems and administration
    Basic business skills and concepts
    Business principles and economics
    Business law
    The basic skills of reading, writing and computation are an integral part of the business program of Broad Run.  Computer literacy and proficiency in the various applications are emphasized.  Development of human relations/interpersonal, employability, economic, and entrepreneurial skills is a part of each of the courses offered.
    The emphasis on "information technology" is exciting, but the other part of the program name remains"Business," which is the heart and soul of the discipline.  Courses such as Accounting, Business Management, Business Law, and Intro to Business/Marketing focus ont he basic functions of business, while integrating economics and entrepreneurship into the curriculum.
    Parents, please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions you have about your child's progress or our curriculum.  You can email me at (msomers@loudoun.gov)
Last Modified on August 22, 2006