• SOL Practice J-Lab Instructions for Algebra 1 & 2 (5 points each)   


    Go to website:   http://education.jlab.org/solquiz/index.html   

    Select 20 questions.  Select Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 –  you are ready to begin so click on “I’m ready!  Let’s start.”  Do not click any special options or you will not receive credit.

    Do your best on the 20 SOL questions. 

    ***IMPORTANT in order to receive credit for this assignment: 
    1.  At the end of the session, type in your name in the purple box. 
    2.  Click on “Please add my name to this report”. 
            It will then take you to a screen which will list your results and at the top it
            will have the time you started and the time you finished.  It must say that the
            questions were asked in a RANDOM order in red.  Your name MUST be at the top.
    3.  AFTER you select “Add my Name”,  select Send Scores by E-mail to nolan.doyle@lcps.org– it MUST have your name on it if you want credit! 

    You must score 70% or better in order to submit.  You may keep taking the SOL until you receive this score or better.  Only email me the results that you want credit for.

    3 must be done between Monday 4/9 and Thursday 4/26


    3 must be done between Friday 4/27 and Monday 5/14

Last Modified on April 9, 2012