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    On Saturday, March 7, 2020, students and their families will have the opportunity to be immersed in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for an entire day during Liberty Elementary School’s 10th annual STEMmerday! STEM education, which builds crucial skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity while preparing students to be contributors in a globally competitive world, is a focus at Liberty. 



    Thank you so much for all of the consumable supplies for STEMmerday and STEM designs all year. We ask you for you to consider donating some consumable supplies for us to all use at STEMmerday.  



    Call for STEM Supplies

    We need an unlimited supply of the following items (especially bolded ones):

    **Empty cracker, cereal, cookie, tissue boxes**

    **Paper towel/toilet paper rolls**

    **Masking tape**

    Pipe cleaners

    Aluminum foil

    Scotch tape

    Duct tape

    Plastic Straws

    Disposable travel coffee cups

    Plastic cups


    Popsicle sticks

    Cotton balls


    Dry erase markers

    Egg Cartons


    Please send all items in with your student from February 21-March 6.

    THANK YOU, as always, for your help and support in making the 10th STEMmerday the best one yet!

    STEMmerday is a FREE event for Liberty families! Please join us Saturday, March 7 from 10:00- 2:30!




    A few tips when planning your family's STEMmerday:


    • Please know that parents must accompany all children at STEMmerday and everyone must enter only through the main doors of the school.

    • We encourage students to explore our six distinct STEM career paths, which are design rooms and activities aligned with fields are students may pursue in the future.
    • Start planning by deciding which "Battle Bots" competitions you would like to attend based upon your children's grade levels.  Mr. Gray and Mr. Lang will host these competitions until only one bot remains.

    • Talk to your child about his or her interests before STEMmerday begins.  There are over 30 activities and you may not be able to get to each room.

    • be sure to visit the "Hollywood Hallway" which is our theme for the 2020 event.
    • The Liberty PTA will sell food throughout the day in the cafeteria.  

    • If you haven't created one already to follow your child's teachers and the school at @LCPSLiberty, please sign up for a free Twitter account and tweet your photos and videos using the hashtag #STEMmerday while at the event.

    • Have fun!


    See you at STEMmerday!